Inodry at Vitafoods Europe 2019


INODRY will introduce its know-how on the stabilization of active ingredients in powder form by dehydration, granulation, coating and encapsulation technologies using fluidized bed dryers. The company assures its clients manufacturing services from pilot to industrial scale with a full range of production equipment.


Under the guide of a confidentiality agreement, INODRY can either work from scratch to create a new powder product taking as starting point the initial product of its clients or provide contract-manufacturing services as additional production capacities. The product development services comprise the feasibility study, formulation and laboratory scale pilot production trials.


A partner specialized in the fluidized bed drying systems, INODRY operates today on an overall surface of around 3000 m² with an R&D laboratory with lab scale and semi-industrial pilot equipment, five industrial size production lines and a warehouse for the storage of raw materials and finished products.


Inodry offers a gentle dehydration technology enabling the treatment of thermo-sensitive products with some advantages on the final product such as improved stability and shelf life. The granulation technology helps to improve the powder’s flow characteristics, granulometry, compressibility, dispersion in water as well as reducing hygroscopicity. Finally, the coating technology allows to bring a protection against oxidation, temperature or pH, to mask a taste, a color or still brings controlled release of an active ingredient.


Inodry offers its services to food and food supplements industries to meet their needs on products such as plant extracts, aromas, colorings, fibers, enzymes, essential oils, amino acids, probiotics and many other premium ingredients which need specific and gentle treatment.


Visit INODRY at booth C143 at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva from 7 to 9th of May